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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Notes from September Individual Services Committee Meeting

Theatre Bay Area's Individual Services Committee met recently. The notes of the meeting are below. Questions? Contact Director of Membership Services, Dale Albright at

Individual Services Committee
Monday, September 13, 2010
7 – 9pm
1. Welcome
2. Introductions: Membership Associate Julia Heitner will be sitting in on ISC meetings from now on
3. Theatre Bay Area news and other TBA updates
a. Alt Stages PR Tool Kit meeting 9/14/2010 @ 5:30pm
i. Attendees can attend in person or by conference call option
b. Reviewed Monthly News Summary
i. Lemonade Fund Ask-Nicole, Development Director, getting in touch with Cassidy (ISC Chair) and getting acquainted with upcoming series of Lemonade Ask for theatre companies
ii. Reported on TBA’s work re: Mid-Market Arts District
iii. Reported on ATHENA progress
iv. Sources of Publicity: Now available as PDF
v. Free Night of Theatre: Launch Date: 09/29/2010
vi. Event at SoMArts 9/15/2010: Sponsored by TBA & California Arts Advocates
vii. Regranting Update
1. CA$h Dance Deadline: 9/27/10
2. New Works Deadline: 10/18/2010
viii. Membership: Numbers up against both last month and last year for the first time since Sept 2008
ix. Reported on continuing Intrinsic Impact
x. Staffing Updates
1. Nicole McClain (new devo director:
2. Elana McKernan (new listings editor:
4. Brainstorming: Committee brainstormed some possible new programs in the future for
i. directors
ii. and for incorporating all staff in achieving artistic mission
5. Web site/Membership Structure: Committee brainstormed on new TBA web site and on exploring new membership options
6. General Auditions
a. Reserved for Feb 5th -7th @ Berkeley Rep
b. Will make concerted effort on marketing the extensive series of audition workshops this year
7. Feedback : Committee discussed the values, pitfalls and models of getting and giving feedback for your artistic life; 3 part series coming to the magazine soon
8. Check-Ins
9. Commitee confirmed next meeting