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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Theatre Bay Area recently had its latest meeting of its Theatre Services Committee

The notes from this meeting are below.

TSC Members Present: Akilah Crossdale, The Jewish Theatre; Jeanette Harrison, AlterTheater Ensemble; Liz Lisle, Shotgun Players; Clark Lewis, Roustabout Theatre; Leslie Martinson, TheatreWorks; Jessica Robinson, CounterPULSE; Maxim Tumenev, Ilkhom Theatre, Uzbekistan.
Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Brad Erickson, Clayton Lord, Kendra Oberhauser

I. 10:12am Theatre Bay Area News & Updates.

II. 10:18am Free Night of Theatre
Server crashed due to highest traffic volume ever.
TCG will continue Free Night, though it may manifest in different forms in some regions.
· Members discuss the ways that they get the FNOT patrons to come back: follow-up emails with discounts, encouraging reviews, writing those people who did tried to get your tickets but were not able to.

III. 11:05am Big List
· The signup is right now, and now includes the North Bay.
· Last week, TBA held 4 meetings in the 4 regions, two funded as NAMP workshops.

IV. 11:09am Annual Conference
· The Annual Conference is scheduled for May 10 at the War Memorial and including the Herbst Theatre for the plenary sessions and some breakouts.
· This year, it will also include the Expo, but will not extend the day by all that much.
· Themes and tracks are still being worked out; TSC members discuss some options.

V. 11:46am Phone List
· Each member of the TSC received a list of companies to touch base with as a representative to the TSC.

VI. 11:49am Individual Membership
· There are new options for individual memberships: shared, bring a friend, and multi-year. Company membership rates are staying the same.
VII. Good and Welfare.


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