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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theatre Services Committee Notes July 2009

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee met recently. Notes from this meeting are below. Questions about any of the topics or about the committee? Please comment here or email me at

TSC Meeting Notes
July 15, 2009
TSC Members Present: Daren A.C. Carollo, Diablo Theatre Company; Jeanette Harrison, AlterTheater; Melissa Hillman, Impact Theatre; Lisa Mallette, City Lights Theatre; Nina Meehan, Active Arts Theatre; Jim Neuner, A.C.T.; Marissa Wolf, Crowded Fire.
Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Brad Erikson, Clay Lord, Kendra Oberhauser
I. Meeting called to order at 10:06am.
II. Theatre Bay Area news and updates 10:06am.
· IT update. A vendor has been found to combine our six databases into one: Carma. Final contract remains to be signed for the Web site.
· Should take about 6 months to put up with about a week of down time.
· The website itself will change from a brochure to more of a news portal, and will be more customized to the member viewing the page.
· Playwrights Showcase is July 21 at 7pm at the Magic Theatre and August 20 at 8pm at TheatreWorks.
· BAPST. An online version of First Dates is being drafted.
· APASO (Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations). Theatre Bay Area is hosting the 2010 conference.
· CA$H evaluation. There is a panel to evaluate CA$H now, 10 years after inception. The purpose it to find the current needs involving the grant, and also to get a broad assessment of needs in the field and how they relate to the menu of our granting programs.
· Theatre Bay Area offices are moving in mid-September to 1663 Mission Street, Suite 525. Saves a lot of money, there’s a permanent conference room, and it’s easier for companies to drop off postcards, though it is in a less central area.
· Oakland mail-in ballot: Measure C. Voting YES on C gives more funding to the arts and others.
· South Bay Meeting Recap. South Bay companies are trying to find affordable shared storage.
· East Bay meeting will be held July 16. North Bay meeting is coming up in early August.
· Free Night of Theatre is starting up again. There are two release dates: September 30th for first 2 weeks; October 14th for the rest. Shows should be between Oct 2-Nov 1. Will go live with listings September 1. Registration will be available in the next week or so.
· Clay’s report “Free Night of Theatre Best Practices Guide” is now on the website.
· NAMP. The next workshop is August 28 at SF MOMA. Signups will be up soon at:
· TCG has a conference call about using Twitter for TCG members.
III. 10:54am Fiscal Pulse.
· TCG and TBA are administering a Fiscal Pulse survey, similar to the one sent out earlier this year. The survey will be sent by email to members very soon.
· Clay passes out Intrinsic Impact results. Report can be found here:
IV. 11:04am TBA/TSC Communication
· There are now two blogs online: the Chatterbox and the Membership Blog. They have gotten good traffic, which also means some active conversations via comments on our blog and others.
· In general, TBA is working on improved communication with all constituencies.
V. 11:21am Communication with individual artists
· A flyer is being made to show a one-page list of services TBA offers to individual members. A copy will be emailed to companies or available for download.
VI. 11:28am Annual Conference
· The date will be in May 2010, and will (potentially) combine Expo with the Annual Conference. The New Leaders Conference will begin a day earlier.
· The conference will take place as normal, picking up more individual tracks at the end of the day, then segueing into Expo. Neither event should be compromised by combining them.
VII. Good and Welfare

Next Meeting: August 19, 10am-12noon, 870 Market St., Room TBD.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Theatre Bay Area Individual Services Committee Agenda for July

Theatre Bay Area's Individual Services Committee is meeting in July. Below is the agenda for this meeting. If you have any questions or comments about the agenda or this committee, please post them below.

ISC AGENDA: July 2009

1. Theatre Bay Area news and other TBA updates (30 min)
a. Membership report
b. South Bay Regional Auditions
i. Report on Actors
ii. Volunteers?
c. Playwrights Showcase
i. RSVP?
ii. Volunteers?
d. APASO: March 2010
e. Annual Conference: May 2010
f. CA$H Eval Update
g. BAPST Update
h. CA$H Eval Update
i. South Bay Regional Meeting Update
j. Space News
2. Reaching Individuals Through Theatre Companies? (15 minutes)
a. Latest version of flier
b. Thoughts for distribution
3. EXPO (30 minutes)
a. Latest thoughts on combining with Annual Conference
b. Brainstorm the “draw”
4. Lemonade Fund Fundraiser (20 minutes)
5. TITAN (15 min)
6. Check-Ins (10 min)
Confirm next meeting