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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theatre Services Committee Notes June 2010

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee had its monthly meeting recently. The notes of the meeting are below. Please contact Dale Albright, Director of Membership Services, with any questions ( or comment on this post.

TSC Meeting Notes
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TSC Members Present: Lee Foster, Melissa Hillman, Liz Lisle, Lisa Mallette, Leslie Martinson, Dan Meagher, Nina Meehan, Emily Morrisson, Jonathan Spector, Marissa Wolf, Karen Piemme

Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Brad Erickson, Julia Heitner

I. Meeting called to order at 10:08 am
a. Discussion of Quentin Easter Celebration
b. Reviewed upcoming TBA grant deadlines. Will be available as applicable on site.
c. Brad: Intrinsic Impact Update: 5 cities across the country will be participating. Each need to raise $16,000. Upon finding Funding, 15 Theatres will participate nationwide
• After this pilot phase is completed, the goal is the generation of an international website, where any interested theatre could do that same work for as little as $500 (tentative amount). A “book tour” will follow initial report. The work that will be done can of course be used for advocacy and measuring (always of interest to government/funders). Tool for foundations for the argument to fund the arts.
d. Staff Changes:
• Rebecca Novick’s last day will be at the end of June. Continuing in some consulting capacities in the future.
• Shifting Membership Associate Duties: Claire Rice-Membership associate/events, Kendra Oberhauser-Membership Associate/Marketing, Julia Heitner-Membership Associate/Regranting
II. 10:20am: Regional Meetings
a. Discussed importance of ways to reinvigorate regional meetings.

III. 10:28am: Professional Development
a. ATLAS/TITAN has reached the end of its three year grant period. Theatre Bay Area is committed to additional professional development programs and the committee brainstormed ways to continue/disciplines to cover.
b. Committee discussed the future of the Playwright’s Showcase

IV. 10:52am: Excellence Discussion
a. Developing a community committee (including TSC members and more) to help address and discuss measurement options for the idea of excellence in the field.

V. 11:13am: Annual Conference
a. Discussed appropriate time frames for future conference? Annually? Every 18 months?

VI. 11:20am: Survival Kit
a. Discussed Theatre Bay Area’s flier: survival tools for individual artists

VII. 11:29am: Regional Auditions
a. South Bay coming up June 26.

VIII. 11:31am: Newsweek Article from April 26, 2010
a. Discussion about criticism of gay actors playing straight characters

IX. 11:30am: Check-in with TSC Committee Members

Next meeting: July 21, 2010


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