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Friday, March 5, 2010

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee Notes

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee met recently. The notes are provided below. Please contact or 415-430-1140 x14 with any questions or, of course, feel free to comment on this post.

TSC Meeting Notes
February 17, 2010
TSC Members Present: Serge Bakalian, Golden Thread Productions; Akilah Crossdale, The Jewish Theater; Victoria Evans-Erville, Woman’s Will; Melissa Hillman, Impact Theatre; Clark Lewis, Roustabout Theater; Jessica Robinson Love, CounterPULSE; Lisa Mallette, City Lights Theatre Company; Leslie Martinson, TheatreWorks; Dan Meagher, Hillbarn Theatre; Emily Morrison, California Shakespeare Theater; Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Brava; Karen Altre Piemme, San Jose Rep; Julie Saltzman, Aurora Theatre Company; Jonathan Spector, Just Theater; Marissa Wolf, Crowded Fire
Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Brad Erickson, Clayton Lord, Rebecca Novick, Kendra Oberhauser

I. Meeting called to order at 10:05am
• New and returning members introduce themselves.
II. 10:09am TBA News.
• Members take a few moments to peruse the outline of news and updates.
• Will Glickman Award is announced. In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl is the 2010 winner.
• Annual Conference is coming up on May 10th at Herbst/Green Room at War Memorial.
• South Bay Auditions are coming up on June 26th at Foothill College.
III. 10:17am General Audition Recap
• General Auditions were held Jan 29-31 at Marines Memorial in San Francisco. Dale asks members for their feedback, and the members discuss.
IV. 10:30am Critical Conversation (Rebecca).
• Theatre Bay Area is looking towards how to create an environment where honest, critical and constructive conversation can take place. One way to do this is to have more “community conversations” like the Outrageous Fortune meeting held at the Aurora.
• Likewise, the theme of the Annual Meeting this year something about "fostering excellence.”
• Members discuss possible methods to have successful meetings with large numbers of people.
V. 11:27am Conference structure.
• The Annual Conference will be at the War Memorial on May 10, 2010. It will be all day, and will absorb the EXPO by including a vendor fair and topics/resources of interest to individuals.
• Members spend some time writing out any ideas for the conference.
VI. 11:36am CA$H Evaluation report.
• Theatre Bay Area collected data from past applicants to CA$H, both grantees and non-grantees.
• What we found was that people really respond to the program but that some little changes will take place. These will be evident on the new CA$H application available now online.
VII. 11:43am Lemonade Fund curtain speeches.
• ISC drafted a letter to send out to companies asking them to give a curtain speech at a performance asking patrons to donate money to the Lemonade Fund. The letter also includes a sample curtain speech.
• We've moved this project back to summer (originally it was slated for spring) to remove it from all our other events.
VIII. 11:48am Actors Fund.
• Brad and Dale met with the CFO of Actors Fund. Investigating SF services.


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