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Monday, November 23, 2009

Notes from latest Theatre Services Committee Meeting

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee recently had its November meeting. The notes are below.

Please contact with any questions, feedback or how you might get involved!

TSC Meeting Notes
November 18, 2009

TSC Members Present: Leah Abrams, Custom Made Theatre Company; Akilah Crossdale, The Jewish Theater; Jeanette Harrison, AlterTheater; Melissa Hillman, Impact Theatre; Jessica Love, CounterPULSE; Lisa Mallette, City Lights Theatre; Nina Meehan, Active Arts Theater; Emily Morrison, California Shakespeare Theater; Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Brava! For Women in the Arts; Julie Salzman, Aurora Theatre Company; Lisa Tromovich, Livermore Shakespeare Festival; Marissa Wolf, Crowded Fire.
Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Brad Erickson, Clayton Lord, Kendra Oberhauser

I. 10:05 TBA News and Updates.
· News and updates are passed out with the agenda.
· CA$H evaluation is underway.
· Grants for the Arts Presentation about theatre space, Friday, Nov 20, 2-4 Magic Southside Theatre.

II. 10:22am TSC Logistics
· Some TSC memberships are up for renewal with the new year.

III. 10:26am TBA's role in excellence in the field
· TBA is in the middle of strategic planning. Extremely exciting work happening around this currently.
· Should TBA foster “excellence in the field”? And how?
· Possibly as a conference theme.
· “Excellence” is meant to mean whatever each company or individual determines as excellent for himself/herself (outreach, innovation, customer service, etc.).
· Should TBA hold or sponsor an award ceremony to reward excellence in the field? TSC members discuss.
· Excellence of arts education should be addressed and rewarded as well. Because it’s not in public, it would be interesting to know about those little successes in the classroom.
IV. 11:19am Focus Group
· TSC Members serve as a focus group for a new program.

Next meeting: December 16, 10am -12noon. Location: New TBA offices, 1663 Mission St., Suite 525.


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