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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Theatre Bay Area's Theatre Services Committee met Wednesday, June 17. Below are the notes from the meeting.

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TSC Meeting Notes
June 17, 2009

TSC Members Present: Rachel Fink, Berkeley Rep; Jeannette Harrison, AlterTheater; Shauna Rabinowitz, Aurora Theatre; Lisa Tromovitch, Livermore Shakespeare Festival/Shakespeare’s Associates; Marissa Wolf, Crowded Fire
Theatre Bay Area Staff Present: Dale Albright, Sabrina Lazarus, Clay Lord, Kendra Oberhauser

I. 10:07am Theatre Bay Area news and updates.
· Pretty soon, a membership blog will be added to the list of blogs on the TBA site.
· TCG Report. TSC Members report back on the TCG Conference.

II. 10:35am. Space
· TSC discusses the pros and cons of managing a specific space for the purpose of renting it out to theatre companies and artists who need office space and rehearsal space.

III. 11:00am Space for Theatre Bay Area
· TSC discusses the pros and cons of a specific new office space.

IV. 11:20am Granting Programs update
· Landisman fellowships were awarded to 4 applicants.
· Playwrights Showcase participants have been selected.
· TITAN awards were granted.
· CA$H evaluation. A panel will convene to evaluate the CA$H grant and best ways to move forward.

V. 11:31am NAS Conference.
· Theatre Bay Area and Berkeley Rep are going to partner with National Arts Strategies to launch a future leadership program in the fall.

VI. Good and Welfare.
Next Meeting: July 15, 10am-12noon, 870 Market St., Room TBD.


At July 8, 2009 at 9:50 PM , Blogger Theatre Monkey said...

As a nonprofit service organization, I applaud TBA for finally posting the closed door discussions of its theater services committee. But if I were to award you a “little man” icon for your performance, it would be a sleeping man. It’s a shame that only 5 theater companies opinion’s were heard at this meeting, a number which is only one more than the number of TBA staff in the room. Does TBA really not care enough about the opinions of the rest of its membership to survey them about these topics, or at least tell them what these “discussions” actually entailed? Notes like: "TSC discusses the pros and cons of managing a specific space for the purpose of renting it out to theatre companies and artists who need office space and rehearsal space." are less than helpful. We don’t need to know who said what, just keep the comments anonymous. BUT it would be nice to be informed of what this nonprofit membership organization is actually discussing in a membership committee. Or doesn’t TBA actually care enough about the input from the general membership to give them a little more insight into its decision making process?

At July 9, 2009 at 12:36 PM , Blogger Dale Albright said...

Hi Tom:

Thanks for the comment! Glad to know someone is reading!

As you can see by going back a few posts to the previous TSC meeting, it is an unusual occurance that only 5 members of the committee were actually able to make this particular meeting. Mostly a reflection of June/summer I suspect. We certainly average a much higher attendence at the average meeting.

The committee is actually made up of over 20 representatives for theatres from all over the Bay Area. The blog as you see it is the first step in a long overdue process of ensuring maximum communication and representation.

The notes as you see them posted is also an important first step, but not necessarily the final one or in a perfect form. I appreciate your feedback on the notes. They will certainly go into the continued conversation of what is the most effective way to communicate. I suspect you will start seeing changes on that front very soon.

Some other things that we are working on include a TSC page on the Theatre Bay Area website and formalizing a representative relationship between TSC members and our company members. TSC members recently received a draft list of companies that we are hoping to match up to them as liasions to TBA. Obviously, the other step of that process is ensuring that the company thinks its a good match too. So that will take a bit of time, but hopefully will be finalized very soon.

But communication is never limited to committees or liaisons or anything other than a simple phone call or email to me or any of the staff here at any time. And, of course, more folks are welcome to the table at our various committees (Theatre Services Committee, Individual Services Committee or the Bay Area Professional Small Theatres Committee). We also have regional meetings for our companies members pretty frequently that folks are welcome to come to and express their concerns,ideas, etc. If anyone has an interest in pursuing any of these more, I hope that you will let me know at

Thanks for reading and being involved!


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